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At Lehigh Valley's, Vellner Law, workers' compensation law firm, we are dedicated to treating our clients with respect and compassion. We take pride in helping you get the benefits to which you’re entitled when an injury or disability keeps you out of work. Click or call to learn more about how we can help.

Workers' Comp

If you’re left without an income due to an injury on the job, you are entitled to wage loss and medical benefits from the injury. Vellner Law works hard to ensure that you receive coverage for all of your medical, hospital, doctor bills, lost wages and any other expenses the law allows. Reach out to get started on your case in the Lehigh Valley area.

Social Security & Disability

You may be entitled to Social Security Disability Insurance if you’re insured. Vellner Law will determine if you qualify, walking through the details of your injury or disability claim. Get in touch with our Bethlehem office to see what we can do for your claim.


When you’re dealing with a Worker’s Compensation or Social Security Disability claim in the Lehigh Valley, PA area, team up with the knowledgeable team at Vellner Law. We do everything in our power to get you the benefits your injury disability entitles you to. Schedule an appointment today.

Being out of work due to an injury is scary. Whether you’re out of work for a week or a year, your entire livelihood is on the line. That’s why Lehigh Valley's workers' compensation law fim, Vellner Law, specializes in handling worker’s compensation claims for clients like you. When you’re hurt on the job, you are entitled to specific rights. Our team will give you the help you need. You’re entitled to benefits under state law when you’ve been injured on the job, no matter who is at fault. Come to us for claims assistance for injuries stemming from any work injury such as:

• Construction sites
• Repetitive trauma
• Warehouse workspace
• Nursing homes and hospitals
• Slip and falls at work, catastrophic injuries
• All injuries

Vellner Law's knowledgeable legal team has the experience and capability to navigate the complex legal system to get you coverage when you need it the most. To learn more about what we can do for your worker’s compensation case, schedule a free consultation with Vellner Law at 610-814-3120.

Know What Assistance Your Injury Qualifies You For

Know What Assistance Your Injury Qualifies You For

Did you know that your injury or disability may certainly qualify you to receive Social Security Disability benefits? Choose Vellner Law to handle your disability claim to get the money you’re entitled to. Claims filed in Pennsylvania and across the country are often denied. You should have the help of an attorney who knows the complexities of the system.

Attorney Tony Vellner has handled disability claims since 1991. Vellner Law will handle your claim from the denial to a hearing before a Social Security Judge. Discuss the details of your medical condition with our team to determine if Social Security Disability is right for you. Call 610-814-3120 to speak with the professionals at Vellner Law. 

Questions about Disability? Click here to learn more. 

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