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Social Security Disability

An Allentown and Bethlehem SSD Attorney You Can Trust

If you were seriously injured at work in Pennsylvania, you may be eligible to receive Social Security Disability (SSD) benefits. You likely will not know for sure until you talk with an experienced SSD attorney who understands how the legal system works in Pennsylvania.

Attorney Anthony R. Vellner of Vellner Law, PC can explain in detail to you exactly how the state's Social Security Disability system works. That's because he and his talented legal team have been handling such cases in Allentown, Bethlehem and Lehigh Valley since 1991.

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    The sooner you discuss the details of your workplace injury with us, the sooner we can accurately evaluate your claim and explain all the legal options available to you. That's why we strongly encourage you to contact us and schedule your free consultation today in our Allentown or Bethlehem offices.

    What is Social Security Disability?

    Social Security Disability is a federal government program created to provide financial compensation to injured workers who cannot work for an extended period of time and who have not yet reached retirement age.

    Funding for the Social Security Disability program comes from a Social Security tax (known as a FICA contribution) paid by all employees. Every worker contributes to this program through their tax dollars. And anyone who cannot work now because of an injury or serious medical condition(s) deserves to be fairly compensated.

    Who's Eligible for SSDI?

    Strict requirements exist concerning who's eligible to receive Social Security Disability benefits. According to the Social Security Administration, injured workers must meet the following criteria in order to receive SSD benefits:

    • You cannot work due to your disability
    • Your injury is expected to last at least 1 year
    • You have not yet reached retirement age
    • You worked 5 out of the last 10 years in a job covered by Social Security
    • Your injury is listed among the Social Security Administration's list of impairments

    How An Allentown and Bethlehem SSD Lawyer Can Help You

    Successfully applying for Social Security Disability benefits can be a very long and challenging process. If you make a mistake anywhere along the way, you could jeopardize your ability to be fairly compensated.

    Even if you fill all the forms out correctly, there's no guarantee that you will receive Social Security Disability benefits. Each year, millions of applications are denied for many different reasons by the Social Security Administration or by an Administrative Law Judge.

    That's why it's critical that you have an experienced SSD attorney working with you. We can help you every step of the way, from helping you fill out your initial application to appealing your denied SSD application. We know what evidence to include and what tactics work. Put your trust in us. Contact Vellner Law, PC in Allentown or Bethlehem and schedule an appointment right now.