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Beat the Heat: Protecting workers from heat-related illness

When temperatures rise, workers are more likely to experience heat-related illness. These illnesses can happen at any workplace but often affect construction workers, firefighters, landscapers, farmers, maintenance workers, and utility workers. Employers have a responsibility to take steps to help protect workers from the heat, and employees who suffer a heat-related illness on the job...

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Marijuana use among workers is up - what does that mean for work accidents?

In a year when so many aspects of work changed dramatically, one trend remained constant: more workers are using marijuana every year. As the Wall Street Journal recently reported, drug-testing company Quest Diagnostics says that 2.7% of the drug tests it administered on behalf of U.S. employers in 2020 came back positive for marijuana. That's...

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Traumatic brain injuries at work

A workplace accident lawyer discusses the dangers Workplace accidents often involve serious head injuries. In particular, traumatic brain injuries (TBIs) sometimes occur on the job, resulting in severe physical and psychological consequences. An estimated 2.87 million traumatic brain injury accidents occur every year, according to statistics compiled by the Brain Injury Association of America (BIAA)....

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Nonfatal construction injuries top all other industries combined – despite seeing a big drop

The construction industry has become significantly less dangerous over the last two decades but still has a higher injury rate than all other industries combined, according to a recent study. Even though nonfatal injuries sustained in work accidents dropped approximately 57% from 2003-2019, the construction industry continues to outpace every other industry by a wide...

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Can I get workers' compensation after a work-related car accident?

There are many occupations that require driving as part of the job. These often include construction workers, delivery drivers, couriers, truck drivers, transportation drivers, first responders, and salespersons. Even employees who don't typically drive for work may occasionally have to travel for company events. Sometimes these workers sustain injuries in car accidents. Common crash-related injuries...

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Workplace injuries linked to heavy lifting

The most physically demanding occupations that require heavy lifting often include (but are not limited to): construction, nursing, warehousing, manufacturing, agriculture, logging, and retail. The physical duties required in these occupations often place a great deal of strain on the body. Injuries linked to heavy lifting can happen suddenly or over a long period of...

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Get workers' comp for a hip injury

Unfortunately, hip injuries on the job are common. Many occupations call for heavy lifting, bending, squatting, climbing, crawling, twisting and pivoting – all of which put stress on the hips. Even standing all day causes strain that can lead to serious hip problems. Hip injuries generally fall into two categories. They can be sudden, such...

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Construction, ag workers face risk of on-the-job knee osteoarthritis

Construction and agricultural workers face an increased risk of experiencing one of the most common joint disorders in the world – knee osteoarthritis. A study conducted by researchers at the University of Sydney concluded workers in those occupations face a roughly 64 percent higher risk of developing the condition compared to individuals working in jobs...

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