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Exposure to Toxins Can Cause Injuries to Pennsylvania Workers

There are many different types of illnesses and injuries that could entitle an employee to worker’s compensation benefits. Many workers fail to realize that they could potentially receive benefits even if there isn't one single traumatic incident. Exposure to toxins in the workplace is an example of a long-term injury, and a worker suffering from...

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Pennsylvania Coming and Going Rule in Workers' Compensation

Data from the U.S. Census Bureau reveals the average commuter in Lehigh County, PA spends about 25 minutes each way commuting to work. That's almost an hour a day, and it breaks down to about nine days in traffic every year. Those involved in commute-related crashes may find they have a harder time filing a successful...

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What Does Cut in PA Workers’ Comp Rate For Employers Mean For Workers?

Experienced Bethlehem PA workers' compensation lawyer explains Pennsylvania state officials recently approved a decrease in the amount employers will pay for workers' compensation insurance, a change which will not affect the amount of money injured workers receive in benefits, according to Bethlehem workers' compensation lawyer Anthony R. Vellner of Vellner Law, P.C. "This is a...

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