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A Pennsylvania work injury lawyer discusses the dangers of dropped objects and working in high places

Tossing a tape measure at someone on the ground might irritate them but drop a tool from 50 stories up and it might kill them. Working from heights can be dangerous and fatal. Ensuring safety means that exercising situational awareness is vital both for employees working from heights and the public below, according to a...

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How to Avoid Work Accidents Caused During Equipment Maintenance

Equipment maintenance can be dangerous work, but the accidents that cause employee injuries and, at worst, fatalities can be prevented. Those are the conclusions of Safety + Health, the Official Magazine of the National Safety Council Congress & Expo. Citing a recent Canadian report, the article says the use of lockout/tagout and other methods to...

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Dangerous Work Conditions Spur An Increase in OSHA Inspections

Injuries on the job in Pennsylvania are often traced to failure to comply with OSHA standards. U.S. Secretary of Labor Alexander Acosta is proposing a way to decrease preventable workplace accidents by increasing OSHA inspections. Acosta testified that in 2017 and 2018, OSHA workplace inspections occurred at a rate of about 32,000 each year, an...

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Are You At Risk of Being Injured By an Object At Work?

Every workplace, from construction sites to office buildings, is required to follow OSHA rules and reinforce safety in the workplace. These rules are responsible for dramatically reducing the number of workplace injuries and deaths since the 1970s. Accidents can still happen, especially if the rules are ignored even once. This is especially true when heavy...

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Pennsylvania Attorney Discusses Job-Related Rotator Cuff Injuries

Your rotator cuff is composed of several muscles and tendons that keep your arm fastened in the shoulder socket. If you’re a painter, carpenter, construction worker or warehouse employee, you may endure hours of repetitive lifting, reaching, and extending your arms. You may have been doing it for years without any issue. After a while,...

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Dangers of Working at Small Construction Companies: Attorney Explains

Small businesses are the backbone of our economy here in the Lehigh Valley and the construction industry is no exception. Working at a small company can have its benefits, but for construction workers, it comes with deadly risks.   A report by the Center for Construction Research and Training (CPWR) has found that the fatality rate for small...

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Arthritis Caused by Your Job in Pennsylvania, Attorneys Discuss

When someone suffers from rheumatoid arthritis, their immune system is causing painful and chronic inflammation in the joints in different parts of the body, including: Hands Fee Elbows Shoulders Knees Hips Feet Why does it? Maybe it’s your job! While the cause of rheumatoid arthritis is commonly linked to genetic predisposition, new research finds a...

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Foot Injuries on the Job

Foot injuries do not get much attention as a workplace injury, but they are more common than most people realize, according to recent studies.  That’s why it’s imperative for employers in Pennsylvania and New Jersey to take an active role in protecting their workers from foot injuries.  How Devastating Can A Foot Injury Be? A foot injury...

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