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Warehouse Workers Often Face Unsafe Working Conditions

A Pennsylvania Warehouse Injury Lawyer Discusses the Dangers Warehouses in the Lehigh Valley and throughout Pennsylvania attract tens of thousands of workers who are hired to perform a variety of jobs. The work sometimes includes lifting heavy loads, operating forklifts, doing repetitive tasks, and potentially getting exposed to hazardous substances. Recognizing the risks of warehouse...

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How Hospital And Healthcare Facility Workers Get Hurt

A workers' compensation lawyer explains Hospitals and healthcare facilities are very busy workplaces. Doctors, nurses, pharmacists, medical assistants, technicians, therapists, social workers, janitorial staff, and cafeteria personnel all work hard each day, sometimes in a very hectic environment. Worker safety is a big concern, and accidents happen that can leave a worker seriously injured. When...

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Amazon Develops Safety Plan Designed To Reduce Warehouse Worker Injuries

A Pennsylvania workers’ comp lawyer explains Amazon recently announced that the company has developed an ambitious plan designed to reduce workplace injuries and illnesses several months after the multi-national company received criticism for the high number of serious injuries sustained by its warehouse employees, according to a recent article published by EHS Today. The workplace...

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Pennsylvania Court Rules Injured Janitor Entitled to Workers’ Comp

Attorneys who represent injured workers discuss how the legal process works A Pennsylvania court recently ruled that a janitor injured on the job is eligible to receive workers' compensation benefits for his injuries, reversing two lower court rulings that initially denied the injured janitor’s request for compensation. The case involves a janitor who fell and...

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Beat the Heat: Protecting workers from heat-related illness

When temperatures rise, workers are more likely to experience heat-related illness. These illnesses can happen at any workplace but often affect construction workers, firefighters, landscapers, farmers, maintenance workers, and utility workers. Employers have a responsibility to take steps to help protect workers from the heat, and employees who suffer a heat-related illness on the job...

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Marijuana use among workers is up - what does that mean for work accidents?

In a year when so many aspects of work changed dramatically, one trend remained constant: more workers are using marijuana every year. As the Wall Street Journal recently reported, drug-testing company Quest Diagnostics says that 2.7% of the drug tests it administered on behalf of U.S. employers in 2020 came back positive for marijuana. That's...

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Traumatic brain injuries at work

A workplace accident lawyer discusses the dangers Workplace accidents often involve serious head injuries. In particular, traumatic brain injuries (TBIs) sometimes occur on the job, resulting in severe physical and psychological consequences. An estimated 2.87 million traumatic brain injury accidents occur every year, according to statistics compiled by the Brain Injury Association of America (BIAA)....

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Nonfatal construction injuries top all other industries combined – despite seeing a big drop

The construction industry has become significantly less dangerous over the last two decades but still has a higher injury rate than all other industries combined, according to a recent study. Even though nonfatal injuries sustained in work accidents dropped approximately 57% from 2003-2019, the construction industry continues to outpace every other industry by a wide...

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Can I get workers' compensation after a work-related car accident?

There are many occupations that require driving as part of the job. These often include construction workers, delivery drivers, couriers, truck drivers, transportation drivers, first responders, and salespersons. Even employees who don't typically drive for work may occasionally have to travel for company events. Sometimes these workers sustain injuries in car accidents. Common crash-related injuries...

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