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The Injury Risks Faced by Pennsylvania EMS Providers

Pennsylvania workers' compensationEmergency Medical Service providers and all other first responders have very physically demanding jobs. Every day, they perform life-saving measures under intense pressure. As a result, physical injuries among EMS providers are far too common.

How EMS injuries can be prevented recently published an article with tips for EMS providers to prevent injuries while on the job. However, these tips can be useful for anyone in the medical field.

  • Never lift from the floor. Reducing the distance you lift will ease the strain on your back, which will prevent an accident. Use the tools you have to help lift patients off of the floor as much as possible before lifting them yourself.
  • Keep your back straight. The farther you have to bend over, the greater your chance of an injury. Do what you can to minimize the physical strain on your back. For instance, when transferring a patient from one bed to another, keep your sternum facing forward and your head up.
  • Decrease friction. Friction adds resistance to movement, meaning that EMS providers have to work harder to move patients when there is a great deal of friction. That added resistance translates to more strain on the body and a greater risk of a workplace injury.
  • Stay in good shape. Working as an EMS provider puts high demands on your body. Through regular strength training, including squats, deadlifts, rows, sprints, and lunges, you can ensure that your body stays in peak physical condition and is fully equipped to handle the physical demands of the job. Strength training, when approved by a licensed medical professional, can also prevent a future re-injury.

If you've been hurt at work, we can help

Pennsylvania workers' compensation attorneys know the toll a job like this can take on the body. EMS providers deserve the highest level of care and respect, especially if they were hurt as they performed life-saving measures on another person. An experienced workers' compensation attorney knows how to help first responders and others navigating the complicated legal process that comes after a workplace accident. If you or a loved one was injured on the job, contact us today.

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