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Identifying Floor Safety Hazards To Avoid Workplace Accidents

Pennsylvania workers' compensationAccording to EHS Today, trips and falls are the second leading cause of a workplace accidents and injuries. A forgotten spill or an abandoned object can result in a long recovery process for both the injured employee and the business itself. However, there are things you can do to decrease the risk of a slip, trip or fall in the workplace. 

  • Examine past incident reports. If the majority of past incident reports cite the same area as the location of the incident, that is a clear indicator that something about that area is unsafe.
  • Conduct a comprehensive safety audit. Formal safety audits are not required for workplace floors. However, OSHA does have regulations for “walking-working surfaces” which must be upheld. If you do want a floor safety audit for your place of business, The National Floor Safety Institute has a list of certified auditors available in your area.
  • Get everyone involved. Set up a contest or introduce some other incentive for employees to report any and all potential workplace hazards. A group can usually spot a hazard that may be overlooked by one person. The more people looking out for floor hazards, the safer the work environment will be.
  • Ask the experts. Floor care vendors are a wonderful source of information and tips on keeping a workplace safe. They are familiar with the latest floor care and cleaning products. They can help devise a solution for floor hazards in the workplace.
  • Ask your insurance company. No one wants to see an accident in the workplace – and that includes insurance companies. If you are concerned about your workplace, talk to your insurance company. They can provide comprehensive inspection checklists or employee training to help prevent future accidents.

The Pennsylvania workers’ compensation attorneys at Vellner Law know that slips, trips and falls in the workplace are no laughing matter. However, they are usually avoidable. If you or a loved one has been injured at work, contact Vellner Law today. Our dedicated legal team has the knowledge and experience to help you navigate the complicated recovery process.

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