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Get workers' comp for a hip injury

Hip injuries

Unfortunately, hip injuries on the job are common. Many occupations call for heavy lifting, bending, squatting, climbing, crawling, twisting and pivoting – all of which put stress on the hips. Even standing all day causes strain that can lead to serious hip problems.

Hip injuries generally fall into two categories. They can be sudden, such as in a slip-and-fall accident or excessive physical strain. Or they can be gradual, the result of wear and tear when the same workplace activity gets repetitive.

Sudden onset injuries include strains to the front (hip flexors), inside (adductors) or back (hamstrings) of the hip. Others are hip socket tears, fractures and hip joint misalignment or dislocation.

Symptoms occurring over time often are the result of stress fractures. They can include joint impingement because of cartilage tears or lesions, bursitis, muscle strain, or pain and spasms in the buttocks.

Preventing on-the-job hip injuries

Employers have a legal and moral obligation to protect their workers. In the case of hip injuries, they can reduce the risk by providing adjustable work surfaces, chairs or stools; protective and proper footwear; opportunities to sit or change position; and anti-fatigue mats or shock-absorbing floor surfaces. They also can reduce repetitive stress activities by spreading the work out among several employees and adjusting work shifts.

Employees also bear some responsibility. They should always practice safe work habits, which can be as simple as rearranging a work station and changing positions frequently to not wearing high-heeled shoes and using orthotics and protective inner soles.

What happens after a hip injury?

If you are recovering from a work-related hip injury, you may find it difficult to build your case for a workers’ compensation claim. Your employer is unlikely to admit any fault for your injury. It is more likely that they will blame you. You will find the workers’ compensation system is complex beyond reason, where even the most innocent mistake on your part can undermine your claim. In the meantime, you are unable to work and support your family. An insurance company, knowing you are in a dire financial situation, will offer you a monetary settlement that is tempting without coming close to covering your actual expenses.

Pennsylvania workers’ compensation attorney Anthony R. Vellner, of Vellner Law P.C., has been handling cases just like yours in Allentown, Bethlehem and the Lehigh Valley since 1991. His extensive experience gives him keen insight into how the workers’ compensation system operates. He will cut through the red tape and win a fair financial settlement for you and your family while you focus on your health. Contact Vellner Law P.C. today for a free case consultation.

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