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How Hospital And Healthcare Facility Workers Get Hurt

Exhausted female scrub nurse sits on hospital floor.

A workers' compensation lawyer explains

Hospitals and healthcare facilities are very busy workplaces. Doctors, nurses, pharmacists, medical assistants, technicians, therapists, social workers, janitorial staff, and cafeteria personnel all work hard each day, sometimes in a very hectic environment. Worker safety is a big concern, and accidents happen that can leave a worker seriously injured.

When hospital and healthcare facility workers are hurt on the job, they deserve workers’ compensation benefits. But the process can be complicated.

Common causes of injury

There are many causes of occupational injuries and illness for healthcare workers:

  • Overexertion and Bodily Reaction – This often happens from lifting, moving, and repositioning patients. Workers suffer musculoskeletal injuries such as strains and sprains or back injuries.
  • Slips and Falls – Spilled water or liquids, recently mopped floors, damaged floor tiles, loose cords, hoses, and wires can cause workers to lose their footing and fall.
  • Contact With Objects – There are many sharp objects and edges in a hospital or healthcare facility that can cause injury. These include needles, surgical instruments, glass items, and healthcare equipment.
  • Violence – Doctors, nurses, and other medical workers who deal directly with the public are at a greater risk of being physically attacked. They may be harmed by patients, distraught family members, or other visitors.
  • Exposure to Substances – Healthcare workers are more likely to be exposed to airborne pathogens and bloodborne infectious diseases that cause illness.

When a hospital or healthcare facility worker becomes injured or ill, they are forced to miss time from work. They may need medical treatment and expenses can add up. Losing time from work results in loss of income.

The workers’ compensation system in Pennsylvania is supposed to help injured workers. It pays for medical expenses related to the injury or illness and provides partial wages to help workers get by until they can return.

But initial claims can be denied. Employers and their insurance companies may question the seriousness of an illness or injury, or even whether it was work-related. They have lawyers looking out for their best interests.

That’s why if you’ve been hurt on the job, you need an experienced workers’ compensation attorney who is ready to fight for your rights.

Fighting for the rights of injured workers

Attorney Anthony R. Vellner has been helping injured workers in the Lehigh Valley since 1991. He knows the workers’ compensation laws and how the system works. He investigates your workplace injury and builds a strong case for benefits based on evidence.

If your claim is denied, attorney Vellner will aggressively represent you in all appeals in front of the Bureau of Workers’ Compensation. This can include obtaining medical records and other important documentation and taking depositions. He can file a petition with the Office of Adjudication and present your case before a workers’ compensation judge.

Hospital and healthcare facility workers spend a lot of time helping others. When they’ve been injured at the workplace, our firm is ready to help them get the workers’ compensation benefits they deserve. Learn more about how we can help by contacting us to schedule a free consultation in our Allentown or Bethlehem office.

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