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Repetitive Stress Injury

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Doing the same task at work for months or even years can gradually cause physical damage. That’s why one of the most common work injuries is repetitive stress injuries. Sometimes referred to as repetitive strain injuries, such injuries often develop slowly over time. But that doesn’t make them any less serious than injuries often associated with other workplace accidents.

Office workers, assembly line workers, miners and farmers often sustain repetitive stress injuries over time due to performing the same task. These painful injuries often affect a person’s hands, arms, neck and shoulders. However, they can affect any part of the body regularly used to perform the same task at work.

If you or a loved one is suffering from physical pain or other serious medical problems due to a repetitive stress injury in Pennsylvania, Bethlehem workplace injury lawyer Anthony R. Vellner of Vellner Law, PC wants to help. He understands how the legal system works in Pennsylvania when it comes to workplace injuries. That’s because he has years of experience helping injured workers receive the support and compensation they need and deserve to get better.

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    Common Repetitive Stress Injuries

    There many different types of repetitive stress injuries people sustain at work. Some of the most common repetitive stress injuries include:

    • Carpal tunnel syndrome (wrist injury and pain in the carpal tunnel area)
    • Chronic tendonitis (also referred to as tendinosis)
    • Radial tunnel syndrome (upper arm injury and pain)
    • Ulnar tunnel syndrome (pain in the 4th and 5th fingers along the ulnar nerve)

    Many other repetitive stress injuries often occur due to injuries at work. Whatever type of injury you’re dealing with, we want to help you get your life back on track.

    How We Can Help You

    An attorney can help you in many different ways if you’re dealing with a repetitive stress injury. One way is to simply help you convince your employer you have an injury if your employer expresses any doubts. Another way is to make sure you receive the medical care and recovery time you need to get better.

    This might sound simple but many employers and insurance companies often do everything they can to minimize injuries, delay or deny treatment or sometimes even try to force injured workers to return to work before they have fully recovered.

    That’s not right. That’s why we take such cases so seriously. We can investigate your injury. We can deal directly with your employer. And if necessary, we can take them to court or pursue other legal action in certain cases. Your injury matters here. Contact us and schedule your free case consultation today.