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What To Do If You Can't Return To Work

Experienced Bethlehem Workers' Comp Attorney Explains

A serious work injury can prevent people from returning to work for weeks or months or sometimes even longer. That's why it's important that you or a loved one receive workers' compensation benefits in Pennsylvania.

But what else should you do? What else is important if you can't return to work due to a serious, work-related injury or illness?  What are all your legal options? These are critical questions and it's important you have accurate information when making such decisions.

We know because our Lehigh Valley law firm has been working with injured workers since 1991. That's why we want to meet with you and learn more about your workplace injury or illness. Simply schedule a free consultation with Vellner Law, PC in Bethlehem today.

You Have Options

Knowing what to do if you're hurt at work immediately after an accident is important. But that's often only the beginning of what needs to be done after a workplace injury to make sure you receive the compensation you deserve and the support you need to fully recover.

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    Depending on the circumstances of your workplace accident, you may be eligible for different types of benefits. These include:

    • Wage loss benefits: That might be total wage losses or partial wage losses.
    • Medicals for your injury: Medicals are a wide range of available benefits.

    Beyond making sure you're fairly compensated after your workplace accident, it's equally important to make sure you have a plan for recovering from your injuries. Such a plan may include:

    • Physical therapy
    • Regular checkups with physician
    • Job retraining if your injury results in a permanent disability

    The State Office of Vocational Rehabilitation may be able to help you find a different position or receive job retraining, particularly if you sustain a permanent disability. But such state agencies deal with thousands of people. That's why it's important that you have someone on your side looking out for your specific needs. That's why you need us in your corner.

    We Can Help You

    Attorney Anthony R. Vellner can help you and your family create a comprehensive plan that addresses all aspects of your recovery. Our approach often targets several critical elements, including making sure you receive:

    • All eligible workers' compensation benefits
    • Regular medical care
    • Physical therapy
    • Financial compensation for home modifications due to a permanent disability

    The stakes are too high to try to navigate your way through Pennsylvania's workers' compensation system on your own. Make sure you make the most of your opportunity for justice after your workplace injury or illness. Contact Vellner Law, PC and put our workers' compensation legal team to work for you.