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Can New Hard Hat Tech Reduce Construction Head Injuries?

Construction worker wearing a hardhat, protective eyewear and ear protectors.

Construction Workers Face a Higher Risk of TBIs

Hard hats are required protective gear at many Pennsylvania construction sites, but are they doing enough to protect workers from serious injury-causing and fatal construction accidents?

Designers of a new type of hard hat say that hard hats protect workers from direct hits to the head but are not very effective at protecting workers from injuries due to angled hits. The company, WaveCel, says their new hard hat design protects workers from both types of strikes.

Improvements to personal protective equipment (PPE) for the head and face have the potential to save lives and reduce crippling injuries. At Vellner Law, PC, we are hopeful that the new hard hat design increases worker protection.

Workers' comp benefits for head injuries

In Pennsylvania, injured workers are frequently entitled to workers' compensation benefits. The insurance can provide compensation for work injury-related medical expenses and partial lost wages.

Depending on the circumstances of a construction accident injury, a worker may also have a strong case to file a third-party lawsuit or otherwise pursue additional compensation.

If you were injured in a construction accident in Allentown, Bethlehem, or anywhere in Pennsylvania's Lehigh Valley, you probably have a lot of questions. Get answers from a trusted law firm. Contact us for a free case consultation. Our law firm also offers consultations to the family of fatal work accident victims.

Hard hat design

Under their yellow or white plastic shells, modern hard hats typically feature webbing, foam, or some other impact-absorbing padding. Hard hats usually protect construction workers from direct hits to the head but not from angled impacts. An unexpected indirect blow to the head might send a worker's head spinning, resulting in serious or fatal injuries.

According to the new hard hat manufacturer, WaveCel, their hard hat is different. It is designed with a honeycomb structure that stops spin and absorbs glancing blows.

"You only get one brain, and even one injury to the head is one too many," said WaveCel co-founder and orthopedic surgeon Steve Madey in a statement. "The reality is that accidents happen, and the physical ramifications of a head injury can be long-lasting and debilitating. At WaveCel, we are committed to shining a light on the impact of TBI and making the workplace safer for all."

Construction accidents that caused head injuries

Construction worksite head injuries happen for a lot of different reasons, including slip and fall, being hit by falling objects, and being struck by heavy machinery.

The following are national examples of construction accidents investigated by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) since 2020. Each of these accidents caused severe or fatal head injuries. It is unclear what effect any new hard hat technology would have had if it were used in these situations. However, it is worth noting that these are the types of accidents the WaveCel hard hat is intended to address.

  • A worker received deep lacerations to their head after falling from a platform.
  • A worker was fatally struck in the head by a Roll-Off Truck bin door.
  • A worker was struck in the head and killed by a falling beam.
  • A worker received a concussion after being hit in the head with a loader bucket.

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